Pure Flea Treatments for Pets


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I’m all the time in search of the most secure strategy to take care of my family’s minor health issues — and that features our pets too! Fleas are a standard situation with cats and canine however standard flea merchandise are chemical-heavy. I wished to discover a safer possibility for preserving fleas away and coping with infestations once they happen. So I did some analysis and located these pure flea cures for pets.

How Did My Pet Get Fleas?

Grownup fleas are tiny bugs (no bigger than 1/8 inch) that may be brown or black in coloration. They feed on the blood of pets and different animals. Fleas get round by leaping — making it simple for fleas to move from pet to pet in your home or neighborhood.

Fleas are most problematic within the spring and summer season when the climate is hotter. They want a bunch (your pet) to reside their full life cycle however can reside for a couple of days in your house, yard, or native park as nicely. It’s very simple for pets who go exterior to get fleas!

Does My Pet Have Fleas?

In case your pet is scratching greater than normal and appears uncomfortable, they might have fleas. The simplest strategy to inform in case your pet has fleas is to put him on a white towel and brush him. If there may be a whole lot of dust that falls off, you probably have a flea drawback. This dust known as flea dust and is a combination of flea poop and blood. To make sure you’re taking a look at flea dust, moisten the dust on the white towel or on a paper towel. If it turns purple or reddish-brown, you realize your pet has fleas.

Pure Flea Treatments That Work

As soon as a pet has fleas, they are often powerful to eliminate. They will even infest your own home! Listed here are my favourite pure flea management cures I exploit when my pets begin itching from fleas:

Optimum Well being

One of the simplest ways to maintain your pets from getting fleas is to optimize their well being so flea infestations are much less prone to happen. A wholesome physique is extra capable of fend off fleas.

Feeding your pets an entire meals weight loss program is an effective way to optimize their well being. I make homemade dog food for our dogs because it’s probably the most cost-effective strategy to feed them. However I’ve additionally bought this high-quality (raw and grain-free) dog food and am very pleased with it. In addition they promote high quality cat meals when you’ve got cats in your house.

It’s also possible to give your pet probiotics and different dietary supplements that may assist as nicely. I focus on this with Veterinarian Dr. Rob Franklin in a podcast episode the place he provides some methods for optimizing pets’ well being (together with emotional well being too!). One in every of my favourite additions to my pets’ diet is coconut oil for high-quality fats that helps help wholesome pores and skin, coats, and digestion.

Use a Flea Comb

A flea comb has enamel which can be carefully spaced so it could actually take away fleas out of your pet. That is useful to start the method of eliminating fleas however may also be useful in figuring out how infested your pet actually is. Do that exterior if doable to maintain fleas out of the home.

Give Them a Bathtub

After your pet is combed, a shower is the following step. As with most parasites, fleas don’t like clear hosts as a lot as soiled ones. So bathing your pet might help. The soapy water may even assist take away and drown fleas. Use a pure flea shampoo or citrus-scented castile cleaning soap (use unscented for cats).

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is a go-to in my dwelling for the whole lot from food poisoning to dandruff. However ACV can also be useful in pets. ACV is believed to assist stability the pH in your pet’s physique, which helps repel fleas. Whereas there aren’t any research on this motion, many pet homeowners discover that it really works to maintain fleas away in addition to take care of an infestation.

Add ACV to your pets’ meals (not water) to assist eliminate fleas. Use ½-1 teaspoon of ACV per 25 lb of physique weight for canine. For cats, use simply ¼ teaspoon.

It’s also possible to use ACV in a topical pure flea repellent spray. Combine 1 half water and 1 half ACV in a sprig bottle. Spray in your pet (not of their eyes!) to maintain fleas from hitching a experience. This is probably not as useful when your pet already has an infestation however it does assist hold fleas away.

Important Oil

There are a number of essential oils that assist deter bugs together with ticks and fleas. A few of my favorites embrace:

  • cedarwood

  • eucalyptus

  • geranium

  • lemongrass

  • peppermint

  • lavender

  • catnip

  • neem

Important oils all the time should be used fastidiously as they’re extremely concentrated oils. However we should be much more cautious utilizing important oils with cats. In keeping with Pet Poison Helpline, cats should not have an important enzyme to course of and take away important oils from the physique. This implies important oils might construct up of their physique inflicting toxicity. Because of this, many vets advocate not utilizing important oils with cats.

Nevertheless, cedarwood important oil is probably going protected for cats when used safely and can assist with fleas.

All the time dilute important oils in a provider oil earlier than making use of. It’s also possible to add them to the apple cider vinegar spray talked about above.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth (DE) is a finely powdered pure fossilized type of diatoms (a sort of algae). Due to its microscopic tough edges, it could actually minimize via the exoskeleton of the flea, killing it. To make use of DE, sprinkle in your pet’s dry coat.

DE may also be utilized in your home to eliminate fleas which have jumped off your pets. Fill an previous stocking with DE and shake it out across the edges of the rooms in your home. You should have a effective white powder on the flooring that can kill bugs however won’t hurt your pets or youngsters. Simply be sure you use food-grade DE.

How you can Get Rid of Fleas in Your Home

When you don’t eliminate the fleas and flea eggs in your house, your pets are prone to get reinfested. Right here’s what you have to do:

  • Vacuum the whole lot – Vacuuming will assist get fleas and eggs which can be on carpets, wooden floors, curtains, and different locations the place you’ll be able to most simply clear with a vacuum.

  • Wash all bedding – Particularly locations the place your pets hang around. Use scorching water if doable.

  • Use DE – As talked about earlier, sprinkling DE round your own home can kill fleas simply. Go away the DE in your house for a couple of days. Then sweep and vacuum it up (attempt to sweep up as a lot as you’ll be able to since DE could be powerful on vacuum filters). When you can’t get DE, salt or baking soda may go too.

  • Create a flea lure – Place a bowl or shallow dish of soapy water (dish cleaning soap works nicely)  in your house close to infested areas. Fleas will bounce in and drown due to the excessive viscosity of the soapy water.

Home cleansing needs to be achieved as quickly as you will have used your chosen pure treatment on your pet. You need to try to reduce the potential of fleas reinfesting your pet from the home or fleas out of your pet reinfesting your own home.

Flea Residence Treatments: Preserve Your Pets Secure and Wholesome

Flea infestations is usually a large frustration for you and your pets! However these pure flea cures are easy to make use of at dwelling with components you might have already got available.

This text was medically reviewed by Dr. Rob Franklin, a veterinarian with Full Bucket Health. As all the time, this isn’t private medical recommendation and we advocate that you just discuss with your loved ones vet.

How do you eliminate fleas? Have you ever discovered a pure methodology that works?