Marjorie Taylor Greene compares COVID-19 prevention to the Holocaust once more. Do not anticipate an apology


When Greene first made such remarks, Home minority chief Kevin McCarthy pretended to be outraged, and stated that Greene’s statements evaluating “the horrors of the Holocaust” with making an attempt to stop COVID-19 had been “appalling.” That got here weeks after McCarthy was pressured to confess to Greene’s use of antisemitic conspiracy theories, including claims about “Jewish space lasers” getting used to begin forest fires in California.

Don’t anticipate any such response from McCarthy this time. The GOP has moved on from carry embarrassed by racism, antisemitism, or having their management reward Nazis. Two months in the past, the racist rantings of Marjorie Taylor Greene positioned her on the fringe of the occasion. Now she’s the core.

Racism and xenophobia have by no means been removed from the GOP’s coronary heart, they usually’ve been the occasion’s defining precept ever since Donald Trump descended his golden escalator to speak about Mexican “rapists” who had been bringing medication and crime to America. Over the course of his White Home occupation, Trump turned more and more comfy with utilizing the language of white nationalism, and with overtly supporting teams just like the Proud Boys and white supremacist militias. 

On the similar time, the Q-Anon conspiracy grew from a facet department of the already evidence- and sense-free “Pizzagate” to eat a lot of Trump’s base. That conspiracy not solely features a perception that Democrats are working a underground supply system for satanic pedophile cannibals, it’s steeped within the phrases of Nazism and antisemitic pogroms all through historical past. The entire foundation of each QAnon and Pizzagate is nothing however a variation on the traditional “blood libel” claims which were used to justify the homicide of Jews for hundreds of years.

Now the celebs of the GOP aren’t the figures who’re these most strident in following the occasion’s supposed rules, however those that are pushing again the borders of hate. Each Greene and Josh Hawley have been rewarded for deluging Republicans with help for conspiratorial claims and fixed pushing of the Huge Lie in regards to the 2020 election.

Greene is now explicitly evaluating Democrats to Nazis, and evaluating President Joe Biden’s efforts to see extra People vaccinated with medical experiments performed on Nazi prisoners. 

Don’t anticipate McCarthy to do something about it. In spite of everything, Greene has been touring the nation with Matt Gaetz, whose connections to a real underage sex-trafficking ring haven’t merited a lot as a slap on the wrist from McCarthy.

Greene, Gaetz, and Hawley aren’t retreating. They’re main the occasion … proper down the Nazi-loving path Trump has laid for them.