Inventor Says His New Straw Will Treatment Hiccups


June 22, 2021 — A Texas physician says you don’t must breathe right into a paper bag, suck on a lemon, or use different Mother-endorsed treatments whenever you’ve obtained a case of the hiccups.

As an alternative, you’ll be able to sip water by an L-shaped, exhausting plastic straw marketed because the HiccAway, says inventor Ali Seifi, MD.

How does it work? In response to directions on the HiccAway web site, you stick the straw right into a glass of water and suck in water two or 3 times, instantly swallowing after every sip.

It’s essential to suck exhausting as a result of there’s a valve ultimately of the straw, which has two settings: grownup and youngster.

The scientific clarification on the web site is that each one that sipping “lowers the diaphragm whereas opening first, after which closing the epiglottis (the leaf-shaped flap within the throat that retains meals out of the windpipe). Doing so stimulates on the identical time the ‘Phrenic’ and ‘Vagus’ nerves, permitting the mind to ‘reset’ and cease the hiccups.”

Seifi is an affiliate professor of neurosurgery and director of the neurological intensive care unit at College of Texas Well being Science Middle in San Antonio. He mentioned he invented the HiccAway after noticing sufferers who had hiccups whereas getting chemotherapy and different therapies.

Seifi and associates did a examine by which 249 volunteers used the invention. About two-thirds of them mentioned they obtained hiccups a minimum of as soon as a month. In response to outcomes revealed in JAMA Open Community, 92% of the volunteers mentioned the HiccAway labored for them.

Rhys Thomas, MD, an epilepsy neuroscientist at Newcastle College in the UK, advised The Guardian that the machine in all probability will work, however famous, “I believe it is a resolution to an issue that no person has been asking for.”

He mentioned his personal method of curing hiccups was plugging his ears whereas ingesting water by a standard straw.

Seifi is searching for a patent for the HiccAway.

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