Are COVID Countermeasures Working? Here is What Knowledge Reveal


On this interview, Ivor Cummins shares his insights in regards to the ineffectiveness of COVID countermeasures, and learn how to keep wholesome on this time of COVID-19. Whereas he doesn’t have formal medical coaching, he is well-trained within the scientific methodology and has a really analytical and logical thoughts. As frequent sense has develop into all too unusual, we’d like folks like Cummins to remind us what the plain common sense conclusions are, and learn how to logically interpret knowledge.

He has a biochemical engineering diploma, and has spent the final eight or 9 years researching metabolic well being. In March 2020, his spouse grew to become involved about SARS-CoV-2, which led him begin analyzing the info surrounding COVID-19.

“I did a fast examine and located the Diamond Princess knowledge,” Cummins says. “So, I put a ceiling on the an infection fatality charge, perhaps round 0.2%, massively stacked in direction of individuals who had been aged and infirm, and I informed her, ‘No, this has nothing to do with us successfully. It’ll be the equal of a nasty flu, or extreme flu season.’

After which I watched the lockdowns are available, which got here straight from China. I watched because the seasonal drawback in Europe collapsed as anticipated in April. They usually did not wish to take the lockdowns out.

Then they wished extra restrictions, after which they beginning whooping a couple of vaccine … They then introduced in masks in Northern Europe in the summertime, and that’s once I knew we had been in deep trouble as a result of in Northern Europe, there was nothing happening.

The hospitals had been empty. The ICUs had been empty. We had been within the seasonal type of trough. But they introduced in necessary masks and everybody began carrying them. I stayed on it after that.”

What’s Behind the COVID Jab Narrative?

Cummins’ main concern with the COVID-19 injections is that the profit is mainly nonexistent for wholesome folks beneath the age of 60. He cites knowledge from Israel, the place the overwhelming majority of the inhabitants has been injected with the Pfizer mRNA concoction, that unvaccinated and “vaccinated” have the identical an infection charge, no matter age. Empirical knowledge from different nations additionally reveal the injections don’t have any impact on transmission.

“The pharma corporations did acknowledge it could not have an effect on transmission,” he says. “Mechanistically, it should not actually have an effect on transmission. And the real-world knowledge say it does not. So, the push to vaccinate is just not primarily based on any science, actually, in any respect. It is simply primarily based on a need. And you have to query that need.

What’s the obsession with making an attempt to get everybody vaccinated? I really feel that a part of it has to do with profiteering and pharma affect, clearly. A part of it has to do with justifying a vaccine passport or permits.

And a part of it, I believe, is that there is a worry that having a considerable management group, say 20%, 30% of people who find themselves not vaccinated, will clearly present that the unvaccinated, except they have specific medical circumstances, actually are not any worse off and usually are not inflicting transmission. So, I believe there’s a need now to remove the management group.

A management group reveals that your medicine or your lockdown isn’t so sizzling. So, I believe that is one other driver. A little bit of desperation is coming in to do away with the management group and simply get everybody vaccinated, after which you’ll be able to’t see the sign anymore.”

Official Management Teams Have Been Eradicated

That is the truth is exactly what Moderna and Pfizer have executed: Each have eradicated the unique management teams of their preliminary COVID injection trials by giving controls the true mRNA shot. This was executed although the trials are formally ongoing for an additional two years. So, they’ve already eradicated the management teams within the trials towards which to evaluate the effectiveness and security of those injections. Cummins feedback:

“The entire thing is type of a sham, and you do not have to be a conspiracy theorist to say it is a sham. Mainly, elementary science has been inverted, turned the wrong way up, macerated, flushed down the urinal. And that is with out even entering into sophisticated stuff. It is loopy.

I imply, most individuals do not even understand it is beneath emergency use authorization (EUA). A man in Eire went to seven pharmacies and requested them the query, ‘What is the threat to my 20-year-old daughter from COVID? And what is the threat of uncomfortable side effects from the medicine?’ They usually could not actually reply.

Just about all of them mentioned emphatically, ‘That is totally examined.’ He confirmed them the documentation, that it is emergency use solely. It is not totally [approved]. They usually had been type of shocked. So even all of the folks administering [the COVID injections] are simply not conscious of any of the details, it seems.

The pharmacists in query thought uncomfortable side effects had been 1 in tons of of hundreds. However the Johnson & Johnson leaflet that this man introduced in confirmed as much as 1 in 10,000 probability of a severe clot in mind, lymph or spleen, et cetera.

So, they weren’t even actually conscious of the contents of the leaflet … So, there is no knowledgeable consent as a result of the particular person administering [the injection] does not perceive the [risks], and definitely the particular person getting it does not.”

Facet Results and Deaths Are Vastly Underreported

Sadly, many nations merely aren’t reporting uncomfortable side effects, so it’s very troublesome to get a grasp on the real-world magnitude of the dangers concerned with these injections. As famous by Cummins:

“In Eire, I’ve folks on the within of the medical system, and overwhelmingly, nothing’s getting recorded. When folks have a response, they ship them to the emergency room. The emergency room simply offers with it. Nobody picks up a pencil or a pen. I imply, that is simply throughout the board. So, I’ve heard the estimate that on common, the recorded points, you would possibly have the ability to multiply by 5 to 10 to get the precise quantity.”

July 19, 2021, America’s Frontline Docs filed a movement to cease the emergency use authorization of COVID injections for youngsters beneath 18, anybody with pure immunity and anybody who has not been given correct knowledgeable consent.1,2,3

Of their movement, the group included a sworn assertion by a CDC whistleblower, a pc programmer with experience in well being care knowledge analytics who has entry to Medicare and Medicaid knowledge maintained by the Facilities for Medicare and Medicaid Providers (CMS). During the last 20 years, she has developed greater than 100 well being care fraud detection algorithms to be used in the private and non-private sectors.

Based on this whistleblower, the Vaccine Hostile Occasion Reporting System (VAERS) certainly under-reports deaths by an element of 5 or extra. In her sworn testimony, she claims 45,000 People had died inside three days of their COVID photographs as of July 9, 2021. The numbers get even increased when taking a look at deaths occurring inside per week or two of the injections.

Based on the official narrative, there’s no stable proof to show the COVID photographs really induced these deaths, however as famous by Cummins, the info does present clear correlation, as reactions are occurring primarily within the first week or two after the injection. After that, stories of reactions drop considerably. That is proof of affiliation, as in any other case, you’d see a flat curve of reactions over 4 or six weeks.

Brainwashing Effort With out Equal

As famous by Cummins, research have revealed that it solely takes a few months to brainwash folks, at which level their reasoning potential has been successfully destroyed. “They only cannot see cause after that as a result of their mind has been [re]shaped,” he says. We’ve now been beneath a continuing 24/7 barrage of deceptive propaganda for a 12 months and a half.

“I examine it to Thirties Germany,” Cummins says, “and I am very particular. Some folks get very indignant about referring again to that interval. However I am not referring to the Holocaust. I am not referring to the ‘40s. I refer again to Thirties Germany, when Goebbels and the remainder of them, they put a radio in each home, freed from cost, I consider.

They knew, ‘As soon as we have got a conduit, or a channel into each home, and we feed them what we wish to feed them, we have got them.’ I believe there was a quote from one of many Nazi get together [who said], ‘Give me management of the media, and I’ll flip any nation right into a nation of pigs.’ That they had contempt for the folks. However they had been very good, they usually pulled off, clearly, an absolute horror.

Folks get actually indignant when you examine it to that interval but it surely’s an ideal analogy. Take over the media, mass propaganda for sustained intervals, after which you’ll be able to nearly do what you need. I imply, the nonsense that they’ve come out with, so many instances within the final 12 months, folks ought to simply chuckle at it. It needs to be a farce, a comedy.

However persons are not laughing. They’ve simply gotten used to being fed umbilically from the media and the professors and specialists. And it doesn’t matter what nonsense they are saying, they only take it on board.”

Within the 80 years since then, there’s been an exponential enhance in know-how, which correspondingly exponentially will increase the power and effectiveness of propaganda. Persons are extra successfully brainwashed lately, and there’s little question this has been the simplest propaganda marketing campaign within the historical past of the world.

Medication has been turned on its head, as has science. Many are seemingly bereft of logic and capability to cause. So, little question, the propagandists have succeeded. They’ve received. At this level, it appears nearly hopeless to persuade anybody that the official narrative is inaccurate or false. It doesn’t matter what knowledge you present them.

Folks aren’t even swayed by relations dying inside days of getting their COVID photographs. They nonetheless insist it’s one of the simplest ways ahead and agree that everybody should get the injections, together with themselves, and off they rush to get their booster.

Tips on how to Enhance Your Immune System

Anybody acquainted with pure well being will in all probability agree that having a strong immune system is your finest wager towards any and all infections. Cummins’ specialty is metabolic flexibility, which can also be a foundational part of immune perform. He explains:

“Metabolic well being is the middle of all the pieces, and immune well being is inextricably linked to it. I interviewed Dr. Ron Rosedale … April 4, 2020 … when the [COVID pandemic] was beginning. Leptin is a cytokine. It is intimately concerned within the immune system response.

If you’re leptin or insulin resistant, then your immune system will overreact in a single sense, [causing a] cytokine storm, and you’ll under-react in different components of the immune system.

He made the purpose, and I agreed with him, that when you knew SARS-CoV-2 was coming, you needn’t spend 4 or 5 months getting match. You needn’t lose all the load. Inside days, your insulin and leptin ranges will collapse when you simply all of the sudden swap to meat, fish and eggs, no processed meals, [plus] nutritional vitamins and minerals.

Actually inside the first day your leptin and insulin shall be falling quick, and in a couple of weeks, you are going to be totally extra able to altering a severe sickness into a light course of sickness, and even of fixing a demise into only a nasty spherical.

And that was in early April 2020. I actually thought this might be a possibility to point out folks this. However after all, the factor received so insane, nobody cared in regards to the virus besides vaccines. Propaganda took over. And it is nearly poignant now to have these lectures. Again in April, we had been bang on the cash.

In case you drop your insulin and leptin, and also you elevate your vitamin D — which is able to rise anyway as you decrease insulin resistance, routinely — when you do all of the stuff that we have talked about for years about ldl cholesterol, insulin, fats, keto, low carb, all of the stuff for longevity and well being, you simply apply basically the identical stuff quickly, you are going to collapse your threat from this virus.

However nobody was allowed to see that. In actual fact, the FDA final summer season put in an injunction towards a pure well being web site that was simply speaking about vitamin D significance. They informed them, ‘You are not allowed to do this. It is not authorised.’”

I used to be one of many websites the FDA issued that warning to. Like others, I used to be informed I couldn’t state that vitamin D’s potential to enhance well being and immune perform might need any affect on getting SARS-CoV-2 an infection or surviving the an infection.

“I do know it is associational,” Cummins says. “I did three brief talks with slides, once more in early April, on the rising knowledge from Philippines and elsewhere. It was clear as day that folks [with vitamin D levels] over 40 ng/mL, or 100 nmol/L, who’re metabolically wholesome had massively decrease probability of extreme sickness or mortality, even when correcting for age.

So, it was clear as day that when you eat nutrient-dense meals, drop your insulin and leptin, get wholesome solar publicity, and perhaps dietary supplements, and also you get your vitamin D standing up, you are going to go into that group that has vastly decrease threat, and even sub-flu threat.”

Why Keep away from Processed Seed Oils?

In case you’re doing keto, remember that not all fat are made equal. I think omega-6 linoleic acid (LA) may very well be extra dangerous to your metabolism and general well being than processed carbs. When requested to opine on this subject, Cummins responds:

“It is a tough one as a result of I am discovering it onerous to come back to a particular reply. Refined carbs and processed carbs are actually dangerous. We all know that from all of the science. We all know from large quantities of science that seed oils are a significant drawback … All of the stuff related to extreme LA, a large physique of data, was suppressed.

There have been research within the ‘90s exhibiting mammary cancers in rats, an entire load of animal research. Then they stopped being executed, and the explanation was as a result of they had been saying these had been heart-healthy vegetable oils. The system did not need folks discovering issues. So, I might agree there’s an enormous quantity of information to say do not contact them. They’re a major problem.

There’s weight problems research in mice and rats which can be dramatic by way of adipogenesis, or fats creation … I typically say the Satan’s triad is refined carbohydrates, sugars and seed oils. And people three make up most ultra-processed meals. So, it’s important to hit the triad.

If an individual offers up the seed oils however eats a great deal of refined carbs and drinks Coca-Cola for 30 years, they’ll find yourself in hassle in all probability. If they’ve seed oils at a couple of p.c of weight loss program, not large, they usually remove the refined carbs, I ponder how badly would they find yourself? It is a tough one.”

I’ve taken a extra hardcore place towards seed oils and LA, as pre-1850, when industrialized meals processing first started, the quantity of LA present in human fats tissue was round 1% to 2%. In the present day, it’s between 20% and 30%.

I consider something above 2% is extreme and radically will increase oxidative stress that may decimate your cell membranes, mitochondria, protein, stem cells and DNA. And it takes as much as seven years to remove the LA buildup out of your physique as it’s saved in your cell membranes.

I additionally now consider that after you are metabolically versatile, excluding wholesome carbohydrates (not processed ones, after all) could be detrimental. I’m metabolically versatile and can personally not go decrease than 50 grams of wholesome carbs a day, largely as a result of I train three to 4 hours a day. On many days, I eat 150 to 200 grams of carbs, usually from fruit. Regardless of that, I’m nonetheless in ketosis and have very low visceral physique fats.

Once I tried going low-carb, beneath 50 grams, for prolonged interval of instances, my well being declined. So, offered you’re metabolically versatile, I consider carbs are wholesome. Because of this I consider LA is way extra harmful than carbs. You additionally don’t must detox from extra carbs. Simply cease consuming them and your insulin resistance will instantly drop.

Ideology, Not Science, Guidelines the Day

Whereas governments lean on the precautionary precept to justify lockdowns and masks mandates, the precautionary precept is just not adopted relating to the COVID injections.

“It simply reveals that that is an ideology,” Cummins says. “It is not about science. It was by no means about science. It is about economics, profiteering, management, getting in ID playing cards. In all probability, digital foreign money shall be coming in. They need the ID card to get everybody’s metrics locked in for entry. All of those dangerous issues, they’re all ideologies. None of them are scientific.

Now they’re coming after the youngsters. I imply, you do not have to be anti-vax, you simply should be rational, to have a look at the affect of SARS-CoV-2, have a look at the vaccine knowledge and the real-world empirical knowledge of the nation comparisons that present the vaccine’s not doing a lot. After which have a look at what they’re really making an attempt to do — vaccinate all the youngsters — and also you simply know it is fully perverse…

However we’ve to just accept actuality. I typically say to people who find themselves getting despondent … it’s important to be stoical. I struggle the misinformation seven days per week. But when it seems that the dangerous guys are getting dreadful issues carried out, I refuse to let myself develop into despondent, or depressing, or surrender.

I simply hardened myself that I cannot be introduced down by this, irrespective of how dangerous it will get. Even when they get ID playing cards and also you’re jabbed, and tracked, and traced, you’ve nonetheless received to be the resistance. You’ve nonetheless received to dwell. And also you’ve nonetheless received to oppose it and keep wholesome. Keep round to oppose it.

Have a look at the French resistance in World Struggle II. Dreadful circumstances. Dreadful. They needed to sleep with the enemy, actually. In the event that they had been caught, they had been tortured and murdered. For round a 12 months or two, issues regarded completely grim, that they weren’t going to win. However they stored at it.”

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